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Between the variety of business sectors for which we canvass, the challenges that allow us to evolve and the atmosphere among colleagues, it's impossible to get bored at ReCom! The icing on the cake is that the hours allow me to combine my job with my passion for athletics...


ReComer for 1? years

ReCom gives people the chance to change jobs and evolve! I used to be a HGV driver. I went back to school at 38 and ReCom saw my motivation. I was accompanied, trained and offered tailor-made support to help me learn the trade and improve my skills.


ReComer for 2? years

For several years now, I've been accompanying new ReComers as they take up their new posts, and giving them all the keys they need to make the most of their skills! I particularly enjoy this role, as it enables me to create a close relationship and a climate of trust with them, earning me the nickname of ReCom "mom".


ReComer for 7 years

Raise your game

We train you in the best sales techniques, using the most advanced tools on the market (callbot, ChatGPT, LGM, Nethunt, Walaaxy, Lusha, etc.).

You work and learn alongside the best bizdevs every day.

Like them: dominate your field and join the elite!

Be master of your destiny

At ReCom, you're in charge of your own development! Induction week, astonishment report, monthly one-to-one coffee with the CEO, cross-functional development, multiple levels of autonomy and seniority, training, co-development workshops, gamification of progress both collectively and individually...

We do everything to ensure that:
- you don't go round in circles
- you can play an active part in the development of a fast-growing agency
- you can grow

So take the reins of your development and create your own opportunities!

Work hard. Play hard.

OK, we don't organize Beyoncé and Jay-Z concerts every night, and we don't have a swimming pool on the rooftop...

But we really do do everything we can to make your working day cool and fun!

Blindtest-du-mardi, goûter-du-vendredi, billiards, table soccer, ping-pong, outings and team buildings of all kinds are really part of the game!

Professional equality index: 74/100

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