BtoB commercial prospecting

A permanent and strategic issue for BtoB companies, commercial prospecting can be a real driving force when it is controlled and efficient.


BtoB commercial canvassing is a complete activity that complies with many rules. Setting up a commercial prospecting plan, channels and tools to be used, key success factors, etc. There are a multitude of codes to be mastered to make commercial prospecting an effective lever for the development of your turnover.

Delegate your prospecting and concentrate on selling.

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Establish an action plan

During a commercial prospecting campaign, the number one priority is to establish a commercial action plan. Segmenting your market, defining your target, dimensioning your action, choosing your arguments and catchphrases, personalizing the approach texts, defining the human resources, choosing your channels and tools, estimating your ROI, are the key elements for a better practice of commercial prospecting. The preparation phase is essential to carry out an effective BtoB prospecting campaign corresponding to the needs of our clients.

Where and how to canvass companies?


The telephone is both the oldest and most widely used tool. The vast majority of trade is still conducted by telephone, which remains an indispensable channel for any good business. However, a BtoB teleprospecting campaign is only effective if it is properly prepared, if the target is relatively reachable, if the sales pitch is powerful and flexible, if you have a tool for tracking tasks and reminders, and if you dedicate specific and regular time slots.

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The Web

E-mail and e-mailing
Inbound marketing
Social selling

Trade Shows

Exhibiting at a trade show is an opportunity to meet many potential prospects in a very short period of time and in a business-friendly environment. However, this represents certain direct costs (trade show price) and indirect costs (stand, time spent, etc.). It is therefore necessary to check certain points for a good return on investment. The number of visitors to the exhibition must be in line with the target audience, the quality of the contacts being just as important as the quantity of visitors. Prior to the event, it is worth communicating about the company's arrival to optimise traffic: informing about its participation, setting appointments, inviting to highlights, etc. In this way, appointments with prospects will be more numerous and better distributed over the duration of the show. Finally, it is imperative to carry out operational work after the show: integrate all contact details into a CRM, carry out a rigorous follow-up of contacts over time, and measure the success of contacts to have a precise idea of the return on investment.

Business networks

There are a large number of networks for meeting potential clients and developing your business: associative networks (alumni, CJD, sports clubs, etc.), thematic networks (DCF, ARSEG, etc.), open business networks (BNI, business clubs, etc.). However, it is necessary to respect certain principles. First of all, make sure that the people in the planned network correspond to the desired target or are able to put them in touch with the target.
Next, the principle of "give to receive": the more you give (information, recommendations, time, skills) within a network, the more you receive in return. Business is not a one-way street: you don't want to go into a network just to make contacts. Finally, it is necessary, as for any BtoB commercial prospecting action, to regularly follow up on your contacts: CRM, tasks, reminders, etc.

Delegate your prospecting

Focus on selling.
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The main steps of a business development plan

What are the different stages of a BtoB business action plan?

1. Segment your market

In order to define its target with precision (at a minimum: business sectors, size of structures, geographical area, function to be contacted).

2. Define the challenge that its service or product addresses

and its added value.

3. To constitute and qualify the file of targeted prospects

4. Define a concrete objective for the sales approach

(simple contact, telephone exchange, making a physical appointment, sales, etc.).

5. Choose the channels used for the commercial campaign

(e-mail, sales automation, telephone, LinkedIn, etc.).

6. Write all the arguments and catchphrases

depending on the objective, targets and channels used.

7. Prioritize prospects

by lead conversion potential according to targeting criteria or after the first interactions (clicks, opening, introductions, etc.)

8. Organize regular and rigorous monitoring of contacts

(use of a CRM, organisation of tasks and reminders)

The techniques of commercial prospecting emails

Receive the doc

BtoB commercial prospecting tools

Prospecting is by nature an iterative activity based on repeated contacts with prospects to reach them and present its service or product at the right time. There are a number of tools that allow you to carry out repetitive tasks more and more quickly, to focus on the essential: the relationship with the prospect.

The file
The e-mail router
Document tracking
Site tracking
LinkedIn monitoring

The 3 key factors for successful business development


The file


Rigorous monitoring

The effectiveness of the prospecting depends very directly on the quality of the file. Reliability and the level of qualification allow numerous and relevant contacts to be made, and therefore concrete results.

The use of multiple communication channels is the key to increasing effective contact. Depending on the return rates of different targets, channels can be adapted to increase efficiency.

BtoB prospecting is an exercise in patience, perseverance and rigour. The quality of the file and the multi-channel allows a large number of contacts to be made, the rigour of the follow-up ensures that nothing is forgotten and therefore increases the transformation rate.

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