How does it work?

The success of a commercial prospecting campaign requires certain preparatory steps to be followed. At ReCom, we accompany you right from the thinking phase.

Our method


We position together all the elements of your campaign

We prepare all the necessary tools

You validate all the elements

You follow the campaign from day to day

You exchange with the project manager and the salesperson in charge of your campaign during a full briefing to define the segmentation of your market, your targets, your competitors, etc.

We configure the different tools that will be used during the deployment of your campaign according to the elements gathered during the briefing and we write all the arguments and catchphrases.

We send you all the elements that make up your campaign for validation. You are free to modify them if necessary: prospecting file, oral arguments, catchphrases and reminders, etc.

At the end of each day of prospecting, your dedicated sales representative sends you a report that allows you to follow the progress of your campaign and the appointment bookings.

3 tools to improve the performance of your sales actions

Receive the doc

Your prospecting data can be accessed at any time.

You can contact your dedicated sales representative whenever you wish to discuss the qualitative aspects of the campaign. You can also receive statistics and the complete qualified file (prospects, contact details, comments, reminders, tasks, etc.) on request.

At ReCom, we rigorously follow up on all the campaigns we run. Every day, we carry out a complete automated report that we send you at the end of each day of prospecting: opening rate, number of calls, number of contacts made, contacts put in touch, appointments, etc.

We also evaluate the general progress of the campaign: KPIs, status of the file to be processed, reachability rate, etc.

All this information allows us to make the campaign evolve according to the feedback in order to improve the results as much as possible.

Planning a campaign






Preparation of the campaign

Prospecting campaign

End of Campaign Report

We organize the project briefing meeting between you, the project manager and your dedicated sales person. This allows us to discuss in detail your targets, your needs and all the elements necessary for the mission.

We prepare the prospecting file, write the business scenario, set up the e-mail routing and the tools we will use. You validate all the elements.

You receive our daily prospecting reports and are informed by e-mail of the appointments that you confirm directly to prospects.

We provide you with a structured database enriched with our commercial action and tools (file, contacts, organizations, comments and tasks for action).

Delegate your BtoB prospecting, focus on sales.

Our outsourced commercial prospecting offers allow you to accelerate your commercial development.

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We needed reinforcements to speed up our prospecting, and of course there was no question of collaborating with people who were not involved. Based on the elements transmitted, ReCom was able to set up an effective appointment scheduling campaign: quality and quantity are present, very clear reporting and regular exchanges. In short, they are on top!

Alexandre Stefani
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After an initial initial phase 2 years ago, RECOM is now accompanying us in the long term on the commercial development of Sigilium. Objective: to make the solution known on different market segments, to identify prospects and to make appointments. The results are good, we have appointments made every week with companies who sign quite often afterwards. The multiplicity of channels considered and the commercial approaches imagined together allow these good results.

Xavier Trannoy
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At the end of the year, sales representatives do not always have time to follow up on quotes sent to prospects. ReCom offered to do it and we worked together on a list of reminders to be done. The operation was a double success: + €70,000 in validated quotes following calls from sales representatives who had been relieved of this mission in order to be able to respond to all requests with great reactivity!

Clément Boudet
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Ibiza Software

Due to health constraints this year most of our trade shows were cancelled, which led us to redefine our strategy. To avoid a lack of leads, we called on ReCom, which seemed to be the reference in multi-channel prospecting. Hugo and Vincent, our Business Developers assigned by ReCom, were able to add to our prospecting portfolio by taking numerous appointments for our team. A regular and quality follow-up was also set up by Precillia, our Project Manager, to monitor and optimise these actions. I therefore highly recommend ReCom!!

Francoise Robert
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RG France

Looking for new clients, we had a list of highly qualified prospects that we didn't have time to approach live or follow up. We asked ReCom to carry out a telephone canvassing campaign on the basis of this file. Incidentally, ReCom also launched a canvassing operation on LinkedIn. The results are very encouraging and the positive response rate very high. The reactions of the prospects led us to question our positioning with regard to a category of customers. We expect to see a return on investment within a few weeks.

Jean-Yves Rabet
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We were facing a very particular and very technical field "Tribology". The ReCom team was able to immerse itself quickly and efficiently in the subject. Working with ReCom allowed us to obtain several qualified appointments per week. We still continue to work together.

Houcine Ben Abdelounis
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The multi-channel approach

The multi-channel approach consists in reaching prospects through different channels in alternation: e-mail, telephone, LinkedIn. Above all, this makes it possible to increase the number of contacts. To increase the efficiency of these contacts, we constantly use :

  • sales automation tools (series of personalised, scripted, automated e-mails) to prepare for upstream contacts
  • micro-emailing tools and pre-written e-mail templates: for ultra-fast e-mail solicitations that are always nominative
  • document tracking tools to identify consultations of documents sent and to make appropriate reminders
  • website tracking tools to identify prospects with a clear interest in the site
  • LinkedIn plug-ins allowing to send organized sequences of contacts and solicitations via the LinkedIn profile messaging system.


The personalization of messages (oral and written) is essential to capture the attention of prospects and increase the quality of exchanges. To do this, we use a wide variety of information about the targeted prospect: sector of activity, function, geographical area, recent event, etc.

Rigorous reporting

We carry out daily a complete automated reporting for each client in order to keep them informed of the evolution of the campaign: opening rate, number of calls, number of contacts argued, reminders, appointments, etc. This allows us to develop our support according to the feedback, with the aim of achieving maximum results. On request, the dedicated sales representative can also provide qualitative feedback.

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