Prospecting campaign for a data and analytics and value management company


  • Discuss the data challenges faced by the types of contacts and companies contacted (visibility, management, and analysis of results) and present the new platform for managing, monitoring and measuring projects
  • Develop brand awareness and identity 
  • Detecting Value Management projects
  • Make "discovery" and pre-audit appointments


ReCom conducted a multi-channel prospecting campaign for a data & analytics investment management company as part of the development of a new Value Management product, but also for a UK target as part of the participation in a specific event.

Sector of activity



Chief Data Officer, Head of Data, Director of Data, PMO, Head of Data project for a large CAC 40 group in the pharmaceutical, banking, insurance and retail sectors

Type of campaign

Business Developer ReCom 1 day/week

What we have implemented

→ Provision of 2 dedicated Business Developers trained in the offer and the activity
→ Direct and personalized contact with decision-makers via LinkedIn and e-mail
→ Prioritized telephone contacts following tracking of interactions
→ Sending commercial documents by e-mail to the most interested prospects
→ Micromailing of reminders to people who have not been reached
→ Adaptation of channels (mailing/linkedin) according to the metrics observed and the reachability of decision-makers
→ Telemarketing to promote a one-off event in London

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Results Achieved
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Arguments contacts
Qualified appointments
Positive contacts
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