46 appointments in 38 days of multi-channel prospecting for a network of cardiology centers


- Highlighting the cardiac pathway offer and its benefits in terms of employee health and well-being.

- Qualification of prospects according to pre-established criteria

- Detection of qualified appointments for the company's sales force  

- Maintain a stable conversion rate and exploit all contacts, in particular through targeted follow-ups


ReCom organized a lead generation campaign for a healthcare company specializing in the development of cardiac pathways for the general public and institutions.

Sector of activity



Human resources, finance and general management departments of companies of various sizes, ranging from 1 to over 10,000 employees

Type of campaign

Business developer ReCom 1 day/week

What we have implemented

→ A dedicated Business Developer, operating at a rate of 1 day per week

→ Use of a customer file with various companies to contact, including several business sectors

→ Alternating telephone calls and emailing for direct contact

→ Use of LinkedIn to establish relationships and maintain leads, with a particular focus on "Requests accepted" and "Appointments" obtained via this channel

→ Meticulous follow-up of results, with particular attention paid to "Argumentative contacts", "Positive contacts", and "Appointments".

→ Monthly meetings with customers to share statistics and results

→ Restitution of the file with call issues to enable the sales team to carry out follow-ups

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