Multi-channel prospecting: 40 appointments in 37 days for a Web & E-commerce optimization platform


  • Identify and engage key decision-makers in targeted companies with web optimization needs.
  • Customized presentation of the platform's features and benefits, highlighting its impact on web performance.
  • Qualify prospects according to specific criteria, including web traffic volume and SEO challenges.
  • Generate appointments for the sales team, emphasizing the added value of the proposed solution.


ReCom ran a prospecting campaign for a leading web and e-commerce optimization company, focusing on improving site speed, UX, SEO and increasing conversions.

Sector of activity

Web & E-commerce optimization


Executives and managers in the e-commerce sector in France, Belgium and Switzerland, with a particular focus on sites generating at least 1M page views per month.

Type of campaign

Business developer ReCom 2 days / week.

What we have implemented

→ Two Business Developers dedicated to the campaign, each devoting one day a week exclusively to the campaign.

→ Use Sales Automation to maximize contact efficiency.

→ Development of a personalized prospecting script, highlighting the platform's USPs (Unique Selling Points).

→ Prioritized telephone contacts based on interaction tracking.

→ Setting up a micro-mailing follow-up and reminder system, ensuring ongoing interaction with prospects.

→ Detailed analysis and tracking of responses to refine prospecting strategy and increase conversion rate.

→ Regular meetings with the corporate team to share insights, adjust tactics and discuss campaign progress.

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