Prospecting campaign for a business software creation, consulting and integration group


  • Processing of opportunities arising from the client's marketing actions
  • Qualification and verification of contacts
  • Project detection and appointment setting for the group's sales representatives  


ReCom helped a French consulting, systems integration, software and business solutions group to process untapped leads from sales and marketing activities (physical and virtual events, white papers, webinars)

Sector of activity

Information Systems, Consulting, Integration, Application Management, Digital Workplace, Web, Data Valorisation, DevOps, Business Solutions, Performance Management, Solution Design, Change Management, E-Procurement and Software


CEOs, MDs, CIOs, Marketing and Finance Departments of major accounts

Type of campaign

Business Developer ReCom 5 days/week

What we have implemented

→ 3 full-time Business Developers

→ 3 areas of expertise per Business Developer for each specific target

→ Work in the client's CRM with enhancement, cleaning and sorting of contacts then enrichment using Linkedin, search engines, and telephone qualification throughout the campaign

→ Hyper-personalized Sales Automation campaign

→ Sending tracked documents for prioritized telephone contact

→ Alternating telephone calls and micro-mailings for direct contact 

→ Handling of the LinkedIn profile and solicitation of all contacts who have agreed to the matchmaking 

→ Weekly meetings to review priorities and events, adapt sales pitches and monitor appointments and the conversion rate

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Results Achieved
on the
first months of prospecting




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Qualified appointments
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