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Multi-channel prospecting is a prospecting strategy that provides effective results by integrating several communication channels. At ReCom, we have chosen to integrate social selling on LinkedIn, the sending of prospecting emails and teleprospecting into our multi-channel offer. This multi-channel offer allows us to reach a wider target of contacts in order to generate qualified commercial contacts and appointments for our clients.

Our positioning

At ReCom, we believe that every company has the right to the best tools and methods to present its solutions and assets in a tense competitive context.
Our positioning is unequivocal: we offer Premium services. Thus, each client company can count on a project manager and a business developer for its BtoB commercial prospection. The aim is to increase the efficiency of the sales force. This Premium support makes it possible to obtain qualified leads that correspond to the target clientele of each client. It is therefore a personalised support for each company, supported by powerful digital sales automation and document tracking tools.

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Why entrust your teleprospecting to ReCom?

The multi-channel offer of the ReCom prospecting agency combines the performance of social selling on LinkedIn, email prospecting and telephone prospecting (making appointments following telephone prospecting). In addition to this, the skills of qualified business developers are carefully recruited and trained in the ReCom methodology and tools. Project managers, tool managers and business developers work together to obtain qualified commercial contacts and appointments.
In addition, ReCom makes it a point of honour to be completely transparent with its clients. Thus, each company can consult a report produced each day by the ReCom teams, in order to have a precise account of the results obtained during the day: number of calls made, number of people to whom the sales pitch was presented, number of interested contacts, number of sales appointments generated. At ReCom, on average, we manage to obtain 10 successful contacts per day, with an average of one to two qualified appointments per day. Obviously, this can vary from one sector of activity to another, from one product offering to another, etc.
In addition, our numerous client recommendations and the average duration of a prospecting campaign (approximately 7 months per client) attest to the effectiveness of our offers proposed by our prospecting experts.

Our values




We say what we do, we do what we say, both internally and with our clients. The prospecting campaigns are carried out in a clear and limpid way, our customers have permanent access to all the operations carried out by the dedicated Business Developer.

We work in a climate of trust and conviviality, both within our teams and with our external contacts. We like to establish close ties with each of our clients.

We cultivate a demanding mindset, both individually and collectively. The will to constantly improve is our daily driving force.

Our positioning

At ReCom, we believe that every company is entitled to the best tools and methods to present its solutions and assets in a tense competitive environment.

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We needed reinforcements to speed up our prospecting, and of course there was no question of collaborating with people who were not involved. Based on the elements transmitted, ReCom was able to set up an effective appointment scheduling campaign: quality and quantity are present, very clear reporting and regular exchanges. In short, they are on top!

Alexandre Stefani
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After an initial initial phase 2 years ago, RECOM is now accompanying us in the long term on the commercial development of Sigilium. Objective: to make the solution known on different market segments, to identify prospects and to make appointments. The results are good, we have appointments made every week with companies who sign quite often afterwards. The multiplicity of channels considered and the commercial approaches imagined together allow these good results.

Xavier Trannoy
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At the end of the year, sales representatives do not always have time to follow up on quotes sent to prospects. ReCom offered to do it and we worked together on a list of reminders to be done. The operation was a double success: + €70,000 in validated quotes following calls from sales representatives who had been relieved of this mission in order to be able to respond to all requests with great reactivity!

Clément Boudet
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Ibiza Software

Due to health constraints this year most of our trade shows were cancelled, which led us to redefine our strategy. To avoid a lack of leads, we called on ReCom, which seemed to be the reference in multi-channel prospecting. Hugo and Vincent, our Business Developers assigned by ReCom, were able to add to our prospecting portfolio by taking numerous appointments for our team. A regular and quality follow-up was also set up by Precillia, our Project Manager, to monitor and optimise these actions. I therefore highly recommend ReCom!!

Francoise Robert
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RG France

Looking for new clients, we had a list of highly qualified prospects that we didn't have time to approach live or follow up. We asked ReCom to carry out a telephone canvassing campaign on the basis of this file. Incidentally, ReCom also launched a canvassing operation on LinkedIn. The results are very encouraging and the positive response rate very high. The reactions of the prospects led us to question our positioning with regard to a category of customers. We expect to see a return on investment within a few weeks.

Jean-Yves Rabet
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We were facing a very particular and very technical field "Tribology". The ReCom team was able to immerse itself quickly and efficiently in the subject. Working with ReCom allowed us to obtain several qualified appointments per week. We still continue to work together.

Houcine Ben Abdelounis
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