158 appointments in 108 days for an interim management company


  • Present the added value of the company's offerings in the context of transition assignments.
  • Promote the digital platform providing access to a database of over 10,000 interim manager profiles.
  • Reinforce customer mailing campaigns with targeted telephone reminders, prioritizing contacts who have shown an interest (through clicks or email openings).
  • Qualify contacts according to a pre-defined grid.
  • Schedule appointments to demonstrate the platform and support services, and to meet with potential candidates.
  • Weekly list of contacts.


ReCom conducted a prospecting campaign for a company specializing in interim management. The aim was to sensitize and engage a variety of companies in different sectors, informing them of the company's approach to interim management.

Sector of activity

Interim management


Managers and HR staff from small and medium-sized companies, large groups and start-ups in a wide range of sectors.

Type of campaign

Business developer ReCom 5 days / week.

What we have implemented

→ A team of five specially trained and dedicated Business Developers, familiar with the specificities of the sector as well as the company's value proposition.

→ Organization of meetings between the customer's sales teams and ReCom to define the precise objectives of the assignment and co-construct the campaign.

→ Qualification of potential needs on the part of companies and candidates contacted according to a pre-defined framework.

→ Distribution of qualified appointments between the company's 4 sales representatives.

→ Setting up a reporting system and regular exchanges to analyze interactions and results, with the aim of continually refining the campaign strategy.

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