Behind the Skills prospecting campaign: 642 companies contacted in 3 months


  • Highlight Behind the Skills' new "Studio" service and its added value for key e-commerce players.
  • Qualify needs by asking targeted questions and analyzing each prospect's website.
  • Setting up qualified appointments for the co-founder.


ReCom ran a multi-channel prospecting campaign for Behind the Skills, a company specializing in the production of creative videos.

Sector of activity

Video production.


Founder, CMO, Traffic Manager, Acquisition Manager, CSM Manager, E-commerce Site Manager.

Type of campaign

Business developer ReCom 2 days/week.

What we have implemented

→ Sales Automation campaign with targeted contacts.
→ Website consultation and traffic analysis for each prospect to suggest points for improvement.
→ Regular progress points with Behind the Skills to share results and adjust strategy if necessary.
→ Test and modify contacts and headcount criteria to increase reachability.
→ Change of prospecting approach to optimize results.
→ Call recordings to facilitate appointment follow-up.
→ Lead scoring to prioritize making contact.
→ Constitution of a new file to adapt to the receptivity trends of the targets contacted.

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Results Achieved
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