14 appointments in 8 days for a company specializing in carbon footprint reduction


  • Raising companies' awareness of carbon footprint reduction solutions.
  • Qualify requirements and propose solutions tailored to each company's specific needs in terms of environmental management.
  • Facilitating companies' commitment to sustainable and ecological initiatives.
  • Highlight 3 specific offers for 3 target groups.
  • Making qualified appointments for sales.


ReCom ran a prospecting campaign for Take Air, a company offering solutions to measure, reduce and effectively manage CO2 emissions for businesses. The campaign aimed to promote Take Air's services to companies committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

Sector of activity

Environmental solutions and sustainable development.


Mid-sized companies (ETI) with over 250 employees and sales in excess of 40 million euros. CSR managers, climate project managers, QSE (Quality, Safety, Environment) managers, sustainable development project managers, climate managers, R&D managers.

Type of campaign

Business developer ReCom 1 day / week.

What we have implemented

→ Provision of a dedicated Business Developer trained in the training courses offered by the company.
→ Use of our callbot to validate and/or modify the contacts in the file.
→ Targeted phoning to contact and argue with qualified prospects.
→ Restitution of the file with call issues to enable the sales team to take over and carry out follow-ups.
→ Alternate telephone follow-up and micro-mailing for direct contact.
→ Direct, personalized contact with decision-makers via LinkedIn and e-mail.
→ Progress tracking via CRM for better campaign analysis and optimization.
→ Return of file with call issues to enable sales team to take control and carry out follow-ups.

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Qualified appointments
Qualified appointments
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