48 qualified appointments in 5 months via multi-channel prospecting for an artificial intelligence video analysis software publisher


  • Contribute to the company's growth following a fund-raising operation
  • Qualification of a possible need based on information concerning the video equipment of the identified structures
  • Obtain qualified appointments to supply sales representatives with demonstration appointments for the proposed tool


ReCom ran a one-day-a-week campaign to promote the company's video analytics solutions and secure demonstration appointments. These solutions are specifically designed for public entities, sorting centers and SEVESO sites.

Sector of activity

Software editing


Mayor/Deputy Mayor, Security Manager, Municipal Police Manager, Digital and Information Systems Manager for local authorities / Site Manager, Security Manager and Operations Manager for sorting centers

Type of campaign

Business Developer ReCom 1 day/week

What we have implemented

→ Provision of a dedicated, trained Business Developer
→ Use of Sales Automation
→ Sending of tracked documents for prioritized telephone re-contacts
→ 20 targeted referral requests every day to the manager's existing network, but also to new targets (with a 25% acceptance rate)
→ Adaptation of sales pitches according to the three target typologies contacted
→ Monthly check-ins with the customer to monitor statistics and suggest adjustments
→ Data feedback to internal teams to carry out follow-ups 

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Results Achieved
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