542 appointments in 6 months for a thermal insulation company


- Exploit three specific files assigned to each salesperson in the company.

- Qualify contacts according to pre-defined technical data (project, minimum turnover, ITE installation, etc.).

- Generate qualified appointments for the company's 5 national sales representatives (one sector per sales representative).

- Improve conversion rates.


ReCom carried out a multi-channel prospecting campaign for a company in the insulation sector, aimed at optimizing qualified appointments in three key sectors: applicators, general trade and structural work.

Sector of activity

Thermal insulation


Executives and sales managers of companies in the applicator, general trade and shell construction sectors.

Type of campaign

Business Developer ReCom 10 days/week.

What we have implemented

→ Three assigned Business Developers, each focusing on a specific sector (applicators, general trade, structural work).

→ Creation and use of three separate files.

→ The campaign was deployed in 5 sales zones, with a salesperson assigned to each zone, to ensure extensive and specific coverage.

→ Segmented and personalized approach according to the type of target addressed.

→ Sales Automation campaign to target contacts and prioritize follow-up calls.

→ Diversified prospecting strategies: calls, mailings, use of LinkedIn.

→ Regular milestones with the company to share results and adjust strategy if necessary.

→ Refusals and non-rejects were recorded and analyzed to understand the underlying reasons and optimize the campaign.

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