55 qualified appointments in 6 months for a company designing industrial and commercial buildings


  • Develop trusting relationships with key decision-makers in the sector, highlighting the company's expertise and ability to manage complex projects.
  • Thoroughly qualify leads to ensure that appointments are made with prospects who have a genuine interest in and need for the services we offer.
  • Increase the number of qualified appointments for the sales team, with a view to generating new business opportunities.


ReCom ran a campaign for CL Concept to boost the customer portfolio of a major company in the commercial and industrial real estate sector. Specializing in the design and construction of industrial, commercial and tertiary buildings, the company wanted to increase its visibility among a qualified target audience and strengthen its market position.

Sector of activity

Commercial and industrial real estate.


Project managers, construction managers, and key decision-makers in the building and construction industries, particularly those involved in large industrial and commercial projects.

Type of campaign

Business developer ReCom 1 day / week.

What we have implemented

→ Provision of an experienced Business Developer, specifically trained in the commercial and industrial real estate sector.

→ Creation and management of a targeted database of relevant decision-makers, continuously updated to optimize lead quality.

→ Use our callbot to validate and/or modify contacts in the file.

→ Design and deployment of personalized email campaigns, tailored to prospects' specific needs and reflecting the company's expertise.

→ Use of advanced telephone prospecting techniques, including active listening and a consultative approach to better understand and meet prospects' needs.

→ Rigorous monitoring and analysis of interactions within the CRM to constantly refine prospecting techniques and maximize the chances of conversion.

→ Organization of regular follow-up meetings with the company to assess the effectiveness of the strategies implemented and make any necessary adjustments.

→ Return of the file with call issues to enable the sales team to take control and carry out follow-ups.

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