Multi-channel prospecting campaign for an industrial subcontractor


  • Save time for the sales team by delegating their prospecting to experts who enable them to identify and detect subcontracting projects
  • Detect medium-term subcontracting projects
  • Making physical appointments for the field salesman


ReCom helped a company specializing in plastic injection, industrial sheet metal work, bending and assembly of external components to identify subcontracting projects and free the sales team from prospecting, so that they could concentrate on selling

Sector of activity



Director and head of purchasing, production managers of industrial SME manufacturer

Type of campaign

Business Developer ReCom 1 day/week

What we have implemented

→ Training with the client

→ Direct and personalized contact with decision-makers via LinkedIn and e-mail 

→ Alternating phone calls and micromailing, sending tracked documents for prioritized telephone contact with decision-makers

→ Adaptation of the target and approach according to the statistics observed concerning the interlocutors and the number of companies contacted

→ Setting up regular progress reviews to report on the campaign's progress

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Results Achieved
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Read our customer testimonials
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