Multi-channel prospecting campaign for an SEO web marketing agency


  • Save time for the sales team by delegating their prospecting to experts who enable them to identify and detect projects and equipment needs within companies that correspond to their target.
  • Develop the company's reputation
  • Achieve annual sales targets


Young company in strong growth needing to obtain qualified leads on a regular basis in order to reach its annual sales objectives

Sector of activity

Communication, marketing & SEO agency


E-commerce / webmarketing / digital marketing / traffic managers of companies whose website represents a strong stake

Type of campaign

Business Developer ReCom 1 day/week

What we have implemented

→ Creation of an ultra-targeted file based on site traffic trends

→ Hyper-personalized e-mailing following an external analysis of the prospect's site

→ Making direct contact with decision makers by phone. 

→ Alternating phone calls and micromailing 

→ Sending tracked documents for prioritized telephone contact

→ LinkedIn matchmaking requests and messages for an even more personalized approach 

→ Monthly check-ins to monitor the progress of the campaign

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Results Achieved
on the
first months of prospecting




Arguments contacts
Qualified appointments
Qualified leads
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