Telemarketing: 67 qualified appointments in 1 month for Gen'k Conseil, digital marketing agency


  • Case study of an assignment carried out with one of the network's franchises.
  • Follow-ups on the basis of the file provided by the customer (old inactive prospects)
  • Qualification of prospects based on criteria provided by the customer 
  • Obtain qualified appointments to supply sales representatives 


ReCom ran a telemarketing campaign to promote digital marketing solutions as part of a community management offer to the franchises of a multinational fast food company, as well as a bread and pastry franchise.

Sector of activity

Digital marketing


Managers of establishments belonging to franchise networks

Type of campaign

Telemarketing /18 days

What we have implemented

→ 3 Business Developers trained in the activity and dedicated to prospecting in several defined geographical areas
→ Promote the customer's actions on the various franchisee networks
→ Adapt prospecting schedules according to the reachability of targets
→ Work on the customer's CRM
→ Qualification to detect a possible need / scoring on the basis of elements communicated by the customer
→ Sales Automation campaign with targeted contacts
→ Alternation of telephone relaunches and micro mailing for direct contact.mailing for direct contact
→ Meeting with the customer to present statistics and results
→ Restitution of the file with call issues to enable the sales team to take control and carry out follow-ups

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Results Achieved
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Qualified appointments
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