Prospecting and lead detection for a software integrator


  • Develop the company's reputation
  • Make qualified appointments for the Sales Director
  • Identify future projects that can be implemented within 6 months
  • Offer their prospects to sign up for webinars and various events they organise to present their solution and case studies


Management software integrator assisting companies in the reflection, deployment and evolution of their information system. Our client offers to carry out a feasibility study on the implementation of management software to structure their IS department with a view to improving productivity. It is in this context that they asked us to identify potential companies that might be interested and able to integrate their solution internally.

Sector of activity

Management software integrator: The software integrator configures the management software on the client's premises and is responsible for testing its correct operation. They may also be required to carry out maintenance, software updates and user training.


All sectors of activity - AURA region - workforce of 10 to 800 employees - turnover of over €1m. CFO or person in charge of IT management (payroll tools, HR solution, accounting/finance, production management and sales).

Type of campaign

Business Developer ReCom 2 days/week

What we have implemented

→ Sales Automation campaign with CIOs and CFOs.

Alternating telephone calls and micro-emailings to make direct contact with IT managers.

→ Handling the LinkedIn profile of the sales manager

→ Targeting of profiles matching the selected criteria

→ 20 targeted matchmaking requests each day.

→ Solicitation of all contacts who have agreed to be put in touch for telephone exchange.

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Results Achieved
on the
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Arguments contacts
Qualified appointments
additional leads to be contacted within 6 months
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