Prospecting campaign for an educational software publisher


  • Detecting equipment projects
  • Setting up product demos
  • Sign up prospects for a specific demo webinar
  • Convincing prospects to use the solution


An expert company in the field of application software wishing to increase its notoriety and multiply its presence in training establishments, this structure called on us to gain visibility and identify qualified contacts who might be potentially interested in their software.

Sector of activity

Publisher of application software for school administrations.


Schools and universities in Ile-de-France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Nouvelle Aquitaine. School directors, regional delegates, DSI, digital referents and CFA directors.

Type of campaign

Business Developer ReCom 1 day/week without Linkedin
Provision of a dedicated Business Developer for qualified appointments.

What we have implemented

1 Business Developer, one day a week for 4 months.

→ Sales automation campaign aimed at School Directors, Regional Delegates, DSI, Digital Referent, CFA Director.

→ Alternating telephone calls and micromailing to make direct contact with contacts.

→ Sending tracked documents for prioritised contact.  

→ Contact for webinar registrations

→ Adjustment of the sales pitch according to the different functions of the interlocutors

→ Setting up a follow-up operation for one-off webinars

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Results Achieved
on the
first months of prospecting




Contacts Argued
Qualified appointments
Qualified leads
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