Prospecting campaign for Knauf Industries, specialist in food packaging and the manufacture of technical parts


  • Qualification and booking of physical and video appointments based on an account file of 1,300 contacts provided by the company.
  • One-off prospecting campaign in connection with participation in a trade show.
  • Present our offer and added value to buyers, R&D teams and marketing managers in the food industry.
  • Qualify prospects with customer-supplied criteria for their packaging solutions.
  • Obtain qualified appointments to supply the 6 sales representatives with physical and telephone appointments.


ReCom carried out a multi-channel prospecting campaign for a company specializing in food packaging.

Sector of activity



Buyer, research and development, production and marketing divisions of food industries (meat, delicatessen, ready-cooked meals, dairy products)

Type of campaign

Multichannel 5 days/week

What we have implemented

→ 3 Business Developers trained in the activity and dedicated to prospecting
→ Qualification to detect a possible need / scoring on the basis of elements communicated by the customer
→ Sales Automation campaign with targeted contacts
→ Alternating telephone reminders and micro-mailing for direct contact
→ Sending of tracked documents for prioritized telephone contact
→ Monthly check-in with the customer to review statistics and results
→ Updating of the customer's CRM
→ Restitution of the file with call issues to enable the sales team to take over and carry out follow-ups.

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Results Achieved
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