Multi-channel prospecting: 59 appointments in 64 days for Actylink


  • Increase ActyLink's visibility by positioning ActyLink as the preferred partner for human resources departments in the industrial sector.
  • Improve prospecting strategy based on observed metrics.
  • Obtain appointments with prospects interested in ActyLink's recruitment services.


ReCom orchestrated a one-day-a-week prospecting campaign for ActyLink, a recruitment firm specialising in technical jobs in industry and machinery, aimed at improving their sourcing and integration process for new employees. This campaign specifically targeted companies looking for technical profiles and support

Sector of activity

Industrial recruitment


Human resources management for companies in the industrial sector

Type of campaign

Business developer 3 days/week

What we have implemented

→ Provision of 4 dedicated business developers trained in prospecting for ActyLink, three days a week.

→ Use our callbot to contact standards to validate and/or modify database contacts.

→ Set up a sales automation strategy upstream of telephone contact to prioritize it.

→ 20 targeted matchmaking requests per day via the co-founder's LinkedIn profile.

→ Use of a targeted phone call script, highlighting ActyLink's specialization in the industry and its unique recruitment process, from defining the need to integrating the candidate.

→ Monitoring metrics and updating the contact file to manage and prioritize leads.

→Analysis of receptivity according to the size of the target companies, as well as the contacts in order to shape the prospecting approach.

→ Monthly meeting with the customer to review statistics and results and make recommendations.

→ Make qualified appointments.

→ As a result of the leads supplied to Actylink, 12 contracts have been sent out, 4 deals have been signed, and several leads are under discussion.

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Qualified appointments
Qualified appointments
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