Canvassing via LinkedIn for executives for a network of timeshare executives


  • Populate the LinkedIn profile of each member of our client's team with new contacts, in line with their target audience.
  • Obtain qualified appointments with a precise target in a pre-defined geographical area.  


Company providing staff on a timeshare basis, to enable SME managers to hire the skills of expert managers (CEO, Operations Manager, Sales Manager, CFO, HRD, etc.) without the constraints of hiring.

Sector of activity

Network of outsourced managers (CFO, HRD, Sales Director, etc.) who offer their services on a time-sharing basis to SMEs and SMIs.


Business leaders (whether they are President, CEO, etc.) in the Aix-en-Provence and Bouche du Rhône areas.

Type of campaign

Social selling campaign
Social selling is the process of using social networks, in this case LinkedIn, in the pre-sales and sales process.

What we have implemented

Handling of the manager's LinkedIn profile for:
▸ Targeting of profiles corresponding to the selected criteria.
▸ 20 targeted matchmaking requests each day.
▸ Solicitation of all contacts who have accepted the match via message to provoke a telephone exchange.
▸ Follow-up of all contacts who have not replied by D+7

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Results Achieved
on the
first months of prospecting




Requests to be put in touch
Qualified appointments
Successful applications
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