74 appointments in 4 months for the operator of the world's largest self-service bicycle network


  • Providing tourism professionals with bicycle fleet solutions for their customers.
  • Offering companies mobility solutions for employee travel.
  • Facilitate the management of subscriptions and passes via a professional platform.
  • Setting up qualified appointments for the sales team.


ReCom orchestrated a prospecting campaign for a French company specializing in the deployment and self-service provision of shared bicycles in urban areas. The company offers bike rental solutions for the tourism and corporate sectors. The aim of the campaign was to promote the company's bike rental offers to hotels, tourist offices, tour guides and companies for urban travel.

Sector of activity

Rental and leasing of leisure and sporting goods.


Hotels, tourist offices, tourist guides. Companies with urban travel needs for their employees.

Type of campaign

Business developer ReCom 2 days/week.

What we have implemented

→ Provision of a dedicated Business Developer trained in the training courses offered by the company.
→ Use of a callbot to validate and or/modify contacts in the file.
→ Alternating telephone reminders and micro-mailing for direct contact.
→ Targeted phoning to contact and argue with qualified prospects.
→ LinkedIn campaign to reach professionals in the sector and initiate discussions.
→ Work in the customer's CRM.
→ Progress tracking via CRM for better analysis and optimization of the campaign.
→ Restitution of the file with call issues to enable the sales team to take control and carry out follow-ups.

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