Multi-channel prospecting for a software publisher


  • Generate registrations for online demos of the solution
  • Generate qualified appointments for the sales manager, initially, and then for the entire sales team


Lyon-based company offering a 100% online accounting solution for SMEs, accountants and payroll specialists. This software publisher called on ReCom to: increase its overall awareness among the target group of chartered accountants, but also to obtain qualified appointments to supply the sales force with the aim of selling more solutions to this new target group that they are aiming for, namely chartered accountants.

Sector of activity

Publisher of online accounting, tax and payroll software.


Chartered accountants in independent firms throughout France.

Type of campaign

Business Developer ReCom 5 days/week
Multi-channel campaign with a dedicated Business Developer for qualified appointments.

What we have implemented

1 full-time Business Developer for 9 months

→ Sales Automation's campaign with Certified Public Accountants to announce the opening of new software features 

Alternating telephone calls and micro-mailings to make direct contact with the partners of the firms 

→ Sending tracked documents for qualified re-contact  

 → Tracking the website to identify new prospects and contact repeat visitors

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Results Achieved
on the
first months of prospecting




Arguments contacts
Qualified appointments
Leads to be relaunched in the short term
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